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Professional Quality Dog Shower

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Takes the chore out of washing the dog!

Professional Quality Complete Pet Shower Kit

Deluxe 84 inch heavy duty stainless steel shower hose
This hose is long enough to reach around the largest of dogs
Spray rinse trigger head with Shut Off Valve. Easy to turn off while soaping up Rex
No more water spraying everywhere
Wall hook, diverter valve to transfer water from shower head to hand held dog shower.

Installs easily between existing shower head and arm.
Fits bathtubs or shower faucets
This professional quality dog shower is built to last
Also included is a hair catcher drain, no more clogged drains.
Cleanup is easy, the 84 inch hose is capable of reaching everywhere you need to
Just rinse off the tub and empty the drain snare
The hose can stay in place or be stored away



69.00 ea.


Complete Dog Shower Kit

Hand Held Shower Heads

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