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8 Jet Giessdorf Shower Head Combinations 
Exclusively Ours...You won’t find these Giessdorf  Packages anywhere else
Quality Solid Brass Shower Heads with Convenient Handheld Sprays

When one shower head isn’t enough.
Our #1 Best Selling Giessdorf Brass Showerheads are 3 Pounds of Solid Brass
Adjustable Spray with easy turn lever.
Ball joint allows you to swivel up or down
Hand Held Spray has 4 adjustable settings
Solid Brass diverter transfers water from Giessdorf shower head to hand held spray
Available in 4 long lasting finishes, including hard to find Gold.

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Giessdorf Vl Shower Heads


Giessdorf Vll Shower Heads

The Giessdorf 8 Jet shower heads will give you what many of our customers say is
"the best shower I've ever had!"

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