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Shower Head Components, Repair Parts
Everything you need to repair or improve your shower

As a Shower Head manufacturer we stock replacement parts for repairing or improving your shower.
We keep these parts in stock, ready to ship, because we know when you need a repair part, you want it now.
We only manufacture and stock quality parts, the kind we use in our own showers.
We proud to offer our solid brass 100 percent shower head shut off valve, we sell hundreds of these.
Also look for our deluxe, no kink,  stainless Shower Hoses, Shower Diverter Valves and if you’re tired of replacing hand held swivel brackets, ours id solid brass, built to last. Parts are available in chrome, brushed nickel, oil rub bronze and hard to find gold.


Shower Head Holder

Shower Head

Shower Head Swivel

Shower Head

Brass Shower Arm Risers

Rain Shower Head Arms


Vacuum Breakers

Dual Shower Heads and Faucet Shower Systems


Shower Diverter Valves

Shower Heads

Shower Head Wall Brackets


Shower Head Swing Arm


Handheld Showerheads


Shower Head Elbows

Shower Hose

Shower Hoses

Shower Head Shut Offs

Shower Heads

Shower Head Flow Controls

Shower Bars


Shower Arm Brass

Ceiling Mount Shower Arms



Shower Mounting Accessories


Tub Spouts

shower bracket

Support Bracket

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