Zoe Mermaid Thermostatic Shower  Faucet Systems

You’ve Never Had A Shower Like This Before

Run One or Both Shower Heads at the Same Time

Each Shower Head has Four Different Spray Positions.


Danze thermostatic  valve measures the temperature of the water and
maintains that temperature as long as you have hot water going to it
with no fluctuation in temperature.

The Zoe Mermaid Showerhead System Includes Thermobalance Faucet & Trim (1)  four Position Shower Head and (1) four Position Handheld Shower Head. Features Pulsating, Misting, Full Spray and Hard Sprays.
Deluxe Heavy Duty Cast Brass Manifold. Includes Shut Off Valves, 4” Gooseneck Shower Arm,
59” Heavy Duty Shower Hose, Adjustable solid brass Swivel Bracket.

Mermaid Shower Heads Only





Chrome  ThermoBalance  Shower
Faucet w/Mermaid Shower Head
Copper C x C Inlets


Brushed Nickel



Brushed Nickel ThermoBalance Shower
Faucet w/Mermaid Shower Head
Copper C x C Inlets

Polaris ll Thermostatic Faucet

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